3. Changing JTA Providers


The Spring applications generated by Skyway Builder leverage the Java Transaction API (JTA) for simplifying transaction management. By default applications scaffolded or generated with Skyway Builder use Atomikos as the JTA provider, and the Atomikos and JPA libraries are added as dependencies to the project. Many JEE containers (application servers) include different JTA providers, and there needs to be a way to leverage JTA providers other than Atomikos from your Spring-based application.


With Skyway Builder Standard Edition a developer can choose JTA providers. A developer can select Atomikos or the container's JTA provider, and Skyway Builder will generate the Spring application accordingly.


The Container Settings section of the Enterprise Configuration tab lets you pick the container type (JBoss, Websphere, OC4J, Weblogic). Once you pick the container type, you can select Atomikos or Container as the Transaction Manager configuration.